Discover the World with English!

公開日 2022年06月03日

On May 18, the Center for Foreign Language Education held the event, Discover the World with English! A total of 19 students, staff, and faculty members participated. There were two primary goals of the event. The first was to encourage students to consider studying abroad. After the event, students expressed a desire to participate in one of the university programs, including one student who later talked extensively with Ms. Lieske to understand possible coursework and differences between partner institutions, the calendar and requirements for year-long study abroad programs, costs, and other practical considerations.

The second aim of the event was to introduce the English Expert and Global Leadership Minor programs to students across campus, particularly students who entered the university through the Global English Entrance Examination. Carmella Lieske, Laura Payne, and Mike Okamoto introduced some of the classes they are currently teaching as well as courses they will have second semester. Ms. Lieske encouraged students to attend the English clubs and events that the Center hosts, including the yearly speech contest. She also introduced the requirements that must be fulfilled to complete each program, and after that, students joined one of the teachers in a breakout room to ask more specific questions.