About CFLE

The Idea Behind and Purpose of the Center for Foreign Language Education

Beginning in 2004, national universities across Japan started the slow process of becoming semi-autonomous institutions. In conjunction with this conversion, the management of all aspects of the university were reevaluated and revised. The Center for Foreign Language Education was the first Center to be developed at Shimane University during this process. As a joint education and research facility, the Center is a base for the intellectual pursuit of foreign language education at Shimane University. In this capacity, the Center is responsible for the development and execution of mandatory and elective non-major foreign language education across the campus. At the same time, the Center was established with the goal of also helping to fulfill the needs of those outside of the university. The Center not only contributes to the development of foreign language education but also promotes international exchange by becoming the "intellectual base of foreign language education" for the region.

The Realization of Foreign Language Education that Meets the Needs of both Society and Students
At Shimane University's Center for Foreign Language Education, all of the staff members work together to develop and implement a foreign language education program that meets the needs of the students while at the same time meeting the needs of the larger society.

Student Support Outside of the Classroom

At the same time the Center for Foreign Language Education was created, the Center's Workstation was established for the express purpose of providing students a relaxing environment in which to student and meet with Center staff and faculty. It is the Center's hope that students will enjoy this area so much that they will utilize all of its resources on a daily basis. Teaching Faculty spend their office hours in the Workstation, providing more opportunities for students to easily gain the help they need to succeed in their language studies.

Supporting Activities which Contribute to both Regional and International Development

The Center works to continue to better understand the needs of the community. At the same time, the Center is developing and implementing support programs for foreign language education in Shimane's elementary, junior, and senior high schools, as well as programs for life-long learning and study programs for industries in the area. In addition, the Center seeks to promote international exchange, including the development and implementation of support programs for foreign exchange students coming to Shimane and Japanese students wanting to study abroad.