My study abroad

公開日 2022年06月03日

On May 19, the Center for Foreign Language Education had the pleasure of hosting an event during which Akari Fujino shared her experiences as an undergraduate student who studied abroad for a year and her life as a master’s student at the University of Pittsburgh (USA). Ms. Fujino’s enthusiasm for English and study abroad were contagious, and the 58 participants seemed to all be motivated and excited after hearing about her journey toward and reasons for studying abroad. This was later echoed in the words of a long-time friend and current Shimane University teacher, Laura Payne, who emphasized that despite hardships, Ms. Fujino never wavered in her desire to do what she had set out to do.


During the presentation, Ms. Fujino explained differences between an exchange program and a self-funded study abroad experience, and this was particularly helpful. One student, for example, noted that they realized by studying at a partner institution they didn’t have to worry about expensive overseas tuition, which is often US$30,000 or more (3,938,700+ yen) for one year of studies at a public university. 


During the presentation, Ms. Fujino reviewed not only her victories and some of the ways she has grown but also some of her challenges while studying abroad. Based on these discussions, after the presentation, students seemed to be particularly enthusiastic about the ways that study abroad can expand their perspectives and horizons. One student, for instance, liked hearing how Ms. Fujino now has friends and “family” all over the world.



During the presentation, Ms. Fujino also included unique discoveries such as her surprise at deep fried temaki sushi. Carmella Lieske, another teacher in the Center, was equally surprised and later learned it may be a regional specialty. Ms. Fujino concluded her presentation with advice that encouraged students to be open to opportunities, and after this, she answered all the questions that participants had. Student, faculty, and staff feedback after the presentation emphasized what a pleasure it was to hear Ms. Fujino’s story, and the Center looks forward to welcoming her again in the future.